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Millau [mi-jo] is an interdisciplinary practice with an integral approach to project development of highest quality.

Specialized in customer satisfaction, we focus on professional partners such as developers, entrepreneurs, investors and passionate clients. In our projects we take the lead from design to build, as well the operational aspects of planning, budget and quality. In our work we seek to reflect the ambition and professionality of our clients in a high-end service, marked as "crafstmen of real estate".

We aim for synergy in the process and the perfection of the result. We nurture the reality that every project we do is authentic and can only succeed by building bridges to cope all challenges we face.


We strive for elegance in our approach and tend to make things simple by handling a lean management culture. Our believe is that nothing is finished and therefore invest continuously in knowledge, good practice and great people. We close the gaps by building bridges.



The architect delivers premium quality by defining his role as researcher, designer and director of the project.


We guarantee quality by maintaining open communication between all partners of the process and by building bridges over the challenges we face.

Single point of contact

To realize a project together means direct and straight communication between us and our clients.


Therefore we provide our clients a single point of contact


Millau's role as researcher is dual.


On one hand we focus to get a grip on the context and the project brief, and at the same time we re-question ourselves and the project brief at the same time to redefine the quality for the project.


Architecture is not defined as a pure form-only matter. The creative process is embedded in the concept developing process at the beginning of the project briefing.


Here we take a role as scenarist to discover the full potential of quality which is embedded in the project.

Integrated design

Since her first architectural assignment, Millau has been integrated all disciplines into her integrated design approach.

We see materials, technical installations, energy, acoustics structural analysis and climate  as the corner stones of what architecture should stand for.

Budget & planning management

It takes lean and integrated management skills to direct a design process to a successful result. 

Millau takes on her role as project manager and proactively works on budget and planning management. Here we use detailed element based estimates for both aspects. Our integrated design team positively impacts this planning- and budget management.

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